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Racial Preferences Aren't Only an American Problem - WSJ
The Paris protesters are getting all the attention, but France isn't the only country where angry masses are taking to the streets to be heard.

The Journal reported Monday that an estimated 55,000 people gathered in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur last weekend to defend race-based policies that give preferential treatment to the majority Muslim Malay population. Defenders argue that ending racial preferences would "dilute decades of affirmative action policies introduced to help Malays catch up with the generally wealthier ethnic Chinese," who comprise less than a quarter of the population.

Affirmative action in Malaysia began in the 1950s, after the British colonial administrators, who had welcomed laborers from China, departed. Since 1971, Malays have enjoyed preferential treatment over their Chinese compatriots in everything from schooling and housing to government jobs and access to capital. The government's express goal was "racial balance," and to that end Malay entrepreneurs were given preference in obtaining credit, licenses and government contracts. Developers offer Malays discounts on new homes, and shopping centers have even banned ethnic-Chinese-owned businesses to limit competition with Malay proprietors.

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