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I don't think the asumptions hold when you look closely at what resources are scarce.

Real existing education, the effect:
So what is the effect of the modern emphasis on long education periods in terms of resource use? I think it is uncontroversial that going for a longer education period comes with a short term hit in material living standards on a personal level. Whatever else happens you get something like four plus people years of reduced consumption of living space and amenties out of it. It also leads to people having kids later in life, which inevitably means less kids overall. What you are spening wastefully are man hours and we are not running out of people at anything like the rate we are running out of everything else, really.
Also, I'd add that the resource austerity here comes with the consent of the people bearing the brunt of it.

Real existing education, the purpose:
While we can agree that broad civic virtue would be good to have, it is hardly a hard requirement or we wouldn't have any republics at all. And teaching those is certainly not a main reason for universal education though it might be sold that way and even the practicionairs might believe it. Really, I'd argue one of the main features of broader democracies is how mobilized they can be. Look at the Athenians and their Sicillian campaign. Utterly dumb, petty and mean spirited. But they sure got a lot of guys motivated to die on that island.

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