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A ridiculous comparison of UK's decision to leave and the brittleness of a vase [Delft Blue?]. Trending in Dutch media #vaasje

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In a full-page advert in the Algemeen Dagblad, Rutte said he saw the Netherlands, "a country that isn't perfect but where we do make progress", as a "precious possession" that belonged to everyone but "was brittle ... and can easily break".

He compared the country to "a fragile vase" held by its 17 million "ordinary and exceptional" citizens who "do not only want a good life for themselves and those around them, but also want to contribute to the happiness of others".

Making sure the vase stays in one piece often requires "compromises ... in which difficult problems are solved in a sensible way," he said: "I almost never get my way. I water down my demands because I have a responsibility to keep that vase intact."

People who refuse to compromise and work together are "gripping the vase so tightly that it breaks", Rutte, who has been prime minister since 2010, continued. There were examples of societies that have collectively "dropped the vase", he said.

"Look at Britain. There, the country's politicians and people have forgotten what they have achieved together. And now they are caught up in chaos," Rutte wrote.

The Hague was Theresa May's first stop on her unsuccessful whistle-stop tour last week aimed at winning concessions - or at least assurances - from EU leaders that would allow her to get her Brexit deal past a mutinous House of Commons.

The Netherlands, a major trading partner and longstanding EU ally of the UK, has been watching the confusion surrounding Brexit with increasing concern. Analysts have calculated a no-deal Brexit would knock 4.25% off Dutch GDP.

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