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Jeremy Corbyn seems to be real (old) Labour, therefore he should be very successfull in administrating the UK. Should stay for 2 full terms and be allowed to point a successor which would rule in a third Labour term, before being replaced by the Tories at a political landscape redefined by the effectiveness of Corbyn politics. Provided Corbyn did not compromise.

Compromise is however what we in the western world have got used to, and it is much more efficient than tanks. While the age of compriomise (third way) has certainly ended the the US, and in the rest of Europe may only succeed as a (deeply undemocratic) united front against AfD in Germany and FN in France, it may be still be doable in the UK. Combined with financial pressures it would lead to Corbyn having a crippled second term, and - this is would be the real victory - no change in UK's political discussion.

by aDoorIntoSummer on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 at 01:24:33 PM EST
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