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Even after Brexit, PM May and the British are causing concern and a heap of trouble. Never mind the Irish border and Old Troubles.

'Intrusion' or 'Invasion'? Russian politicians attack May over mis-translated speech

Russian politicians reacted angrily to British Prime Minister Theresa May's Christmas Speech -- all because of a mistranslation.

The Prime Minister praised the armed forces in her annual Christmas address thanking them for playing a "vital role" in, among other things, "protecting our waters and our skies from Russian intrusion."

But in Russia, the TASS news agency and multiple news organisations including Kommersant, the Novaya Gazeta and NTV, translated the sentence as "Russian invasion" sparking outrage.
'Absolutely stupid'

Alexei Chepa, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Parliament's International Affairs Committee described it as "an unweighted, absolutely stupid and ill-conceived statement," according to the Ria Novosti news agency.

"I think that it, on the one hand, causes a certain irony in the assessment of the political strength of the British leader, on the other hand, it is very offensive and very alarming that such statements are heard from the lips of the leaders," he added.

Andrei Klimov, head of the Federation Council's Commission to Protect State Sovereignty, also took aim at May over her (mistranslated) speech.

"Something is wrong in the British Kingdom. Nobody attacks the UK, so it's very convenient for them to say that their army is bravely resisting threats from Moscow," Klimov is quoted by Ria Novosti as saying.

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