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On the question of what goes on in the Westminster bubble, we discussed in another thread the illusory notion that Corbyn as PM could beat the oily foreigners into submission, sorry, negotiate a better deal.

Here's some interesting poll data:

A further challenge for Jeremy Corbyn is to persuade voters that he could get a better Brexit deal if he were prime minister. This claim is rejected by 68%-11% of voters generally, by 47%-30% of Labour voters, and - perhaps most ominously - by 52-23% of Labour leave voters.

Admittedly, it's extra-Parliamentary. But when it becomes apparent, even to those deep in the brown stuff within the HP Sauce bottle, that Parliament is incapable of settling this issue and a slide over the cliff-edge approaches, what will happen?

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I think that is precisely what gives the whole Brexit saga its dramatic appeal - the fact that no one really knows what happens when no deal approaches despite the fact that a large majority are opposed and also know their electorate won't thank them for a bad outcome.

The script is tailor made for a "knight in shining armour" moment but the casting Director has blanched at the prospect of casting either Corbyn or BoJo in the role and no one has written the script yet anyway.

But it's amazing how the threat of onrushing reality can focus minds and persuade waverers - and May is still the one in possession of the initiative. If she can't get a majority for her deal, what is her plan B?

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