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As Ian Dunt has demonstrated there is nothing in the Corbyn election manifesto which falls foul of EU rules. So you can be anything from a Corbynista to a neo-liberal and find little that is objectionable in the Treaties. The problem is that UK governments have been terrible at exploiting the scope those treaties allow, and has tended to use them as an excuse not to do stuff they didn't want to do anyway.

The only people with a real political problem with the EU are the Troskyist/Stalinist leftist fringe and the hard nationalist right. Everyone else who is anti-EU has been duped into believing that the EU is opposed to their brand of politics when in fact the EU has no difficulty in accomodating a very wide range of political policies and traditions indeed.

It is not the EU's fault that national electorates have been drifting ever further right and putting great strain on the social democratic foundations of the EU.

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