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All corners of the world seem to be turning to authoritarian parties, at best, and to populist fascism, at worst. Hateful nationalism is on the rise, and few seem to have the ability to effectively oppose it. Far too many are looking at how to embrace it most effectively.

I remain pessimistic about the US. Let's just watch and see, as the shutdown, coming investigations, and the economic downturn are blamed on the incoming Democratic house majority. Let's watch them flail helplessly when well-intentioned arguments based on facts and reason are shredded by demagogic idiocy. Trump will make himself out as the victim, as always, and claim that he was stabbed in the back, as always, and let's watch and see him get re-elected, with another round of Republican supermajorities.

Despair and death in all directions, from sea to shining sea.

by Zwackus on Mon Dec 31st, 2018 at 02:12:27 PM EST

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