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Original article published here: Integrity Initiative: A Look Into the Deep State?| UK Column - Dec. 2, 2018 |.

Article written by Mike Robinson who forwarded a FOI request earlier in 2018 and had to wait a long time for a failed FCO answer. Telling!

Integrity Initiative: A Look Into the Deep State? | American Herald Tribune - Dec. 3, 2018 |

Early in 2018, I encountered the name Andy Pryce. He had been making statements to the press about Russia, where he was described as `Head of Counter Disinformation and Media Development' at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

I asked some former Foreign Office people I know if they had ever heard of a `counter disinformation' team - they hadn't. The earliest press reference I could find to him and his job was in September 2017, so this was apparently a relatively new role.

Also in September 2017, Pryce took part in an event called 'DEMOCRACY AND PROPAGANDA: Can independent media defend universal values?', held in the Hilton Hotel in London. This was organised jointly by the European Endowment for Democracy and the EU Eastern Partnership, which, it turns out, is an FCO programm that "works to counter and reduce the effect of destabilising disinformation".

Pryce took part in the first round of Ukrainian-British interagency consultations on countering cyber threats held in London in March this year.

He took part in the 2018 EU DisinfoLab, in April.

In October he took part in the Atlantic Council's Global Forum on Strategic Communications and Digital Disinformation event, held in Washington DC. Of note here is that this was a two day event. Andy Pryce's contribution came on day two, which has not been made available on video.

The Skripal affair with Andy Pryce ...

Until a fortnight ago, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office seemed content simply to post statements rebutting the most outrageous claims.

But the last fortnight has seen a series of mini-videos, which, sources say, "mark a departure" from the norm.

They are said to be the brainchild of Andy Pryce, the FO's head of counter-disinformation and media development.

One video, poses six questions that Vladimir Putin's Russia has so far failed to answer. These include: "Is Russia committed to an international rules-based system as a P5 member [a nuclear power]"; "Why hasn't Russia declared its Novichok programme to the chemical weapons convention as it's legally obliged to?"; "Why does Russia persistently cover up the use of chemical weapons in Assad's brutal regime in Syria?"

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