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Geez ... intend to backcheck the tweets on Jeremy Corbyn  from BBC article. Where does it lead?

Scotland's Sunday Mail newspaper ran a story this weekend that the Integrity Initiative run by the institute had retweeted an article in the New Statesman in April which criticised Labour's support for Russia's position on Syria; an article in the Times in February in which the writer Edward Lucas described Mr Corbyn as the Kremlin's "useful idiot", and a Sunday Times magazine piece that criticised Mr Corbyn's aide Seumas Milne for his opinions on Russia.  

The brainless 'spying' smears of the right-wing press | Morning Star - Feb. 27, 2018 |

Later in 2018 the Likud brigade took over to smear Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party about a definition of the Holocaust and anti-semitism. Tory conservatism working hand-in-glove with rightwing extremists. Netanyahu knows all about it for political profit - short term.

Israel Lobby is Leading in Attack on Corbyn

Back to Edward Lucas and the early days of the European Tribune ...

Occasional ETer Edward Lucas (4.00 / 4)   by Jerome a Paris on Sept. 29, 2008

says this:

Do not let Russia 'Finlandise' western Europe

When I first published The New Cold War last February, many contested my title. But what once seemed eccentric now looks mainstream. Relations between the west and Russia have entered a period of extraordinary mistrust and mutual disdain. Indeed, after the conflict in Georgia, the description "cold war" risks looking like an understatement. Russia has shown that it is prepared to use military force against another country; the west has shown that it will not fight and will merely respond with a token protest.

Edward Lucas: Russia is winning | Delfi - Lithuanian Tribune | (Sept. 2014)

Putin's Russia: rich, powerful, unpredictable and malicious by Jerome a Paris on Jan. 9, 2006

Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000
Subject: From Edward Lucas--personal view from Moscow

I was quite wrong to describe the Russian advertising market as "one of the most lucrative businesses in the country". Gas, oil,  diamonds are lucrative, but the total TV advertising market is only about $250m now--it was $500m in 1997-- reckons Gareth Brown,  one of the readers of this list and an advertising man himself.


Putin's key shortcoming over the last few months, I think, has been his failure to get the people on his side. For all his loathsome  past, personal shortcomings, and muddled ideas, it is conceivable that he really means some of the things he said in his  state-of-the nation speech to parliament (a remarkable document, by the way, and well worth reading at  http://en.rian.ru/rian/poslanie.cfm) [new link added - Oui]. But I think he simply doesn't have a clue how to make it happen. It's the old story of top-down  reform, and contempt and for and ignorance about the Narod. The only way in which a country can become properly administered is  when the state and society are linked by lots of different feedback channels--everything from the media which reports abuses, elected  officials who want to win popularity by sorting them out, ombudsmen and public auditors who control the state for a living, judges and  public prosecutors who tackle criminal abuses of state power, pressure groups and other bits of civil society that focus public opinion, channel grievances and so forth. Almost all of this is missing or broken in Russia. Of course with the best will in the world it won't be created over night, but Putin is not even really trying.

On that happy note, have a nice weekend. Edward  

The New Cold War: Putin's Russia and the Threat to the West | CSCE - Washington DC | plus Book review by Edward Lucas
Edward Lucas' Cold War Hustle | The Exile - Nov. 19, 2007 | [cached]

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