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Beyond Brexit, Jonathan Powell linked through Kaplan's investments to the Malaysian 1MDB / Goldman Sachs case.

Northern Ireland and Brexit: The border that isn't--yet (2017)

The risk of a hard border is a concern not just for farmers, traders and migrants. It could also upset Northern Ireland's peace process. Jonathan Powell, who was closely involved  in  negotiating the  Good  Friday Agreement as chief of staff to Tony Blair, says that its success relied on exploiting the two countries'  EU membership to park the issue  of  Irish  or  British  identity.

Jho Low gave S$276m to charities: New York Post

Other recipients of Mr Low's largesse included Panthera [glossy-pdf], a wild cat foundation created in 2014 by New York-born mineral mining billionaire Thomas Kaplan, which got US$20 million. Mr Kaplan is one of the biggest investors in gold and silver and has close ties to the British political establishment.

Mr Low also invested US$150 million in Mr Kaplan's company, Electrum Group LLC and joined its board for a time.

While the government is seizing the US$150 million that Mr Low invested in Electrum, which is cooperating, it has not made a claim against the Panthera charity.

Goldman Sachs sued by Abu Dhabi fund over 1MDB scandal

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