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Paul Whelan latest: Ex-US marine accused of spying in Russia is British citizen

"Rosbalt reported that on the day of his arrest, Whelan met a Russian citizen, a person he had known for a long time and whom he had repeatedly tried to recruit as an agent to obtain information about the staff of Russian intelligence agencies, according to its source. Whelan received an electronic device with a list of employees of a classified department, Rosbalt reported, then Federal Security Service officers broke into his room at the Metropol Hotel five minutes later and detained him."

His position at Kelly Services put him in frequent contact with a variety of federal agencies.

"Kelly Services is a global company, and we work with federal agencies all the time, whether it is OSAC or the LEGATT at the foreign embassies, or we work with HUD or DEA, FBI, ATF, whomever in the United States. We work with federal agencies in Canada, and what have you, all over the place. So we come in contact with federal agencies and officers all the time."

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