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Jewish Oligarchs NY - Tel Aviv - Moscow

Jack Rosen, Jewish Oligarch and Friend of Kleptocrats | Tikun Olam - Jan. 2008 |

Rosenblatt notes the rather unsavory character and backgrounds of several of the other board members of the Council:

    According to the Council's public tax documents, its board is made up of 27 people, mostly American, but including the Bukharian Jewish billionaire, Lev Leviev, who lives in Israel [ed., he actually now lives in London]; Len Blavatnik, a Russian-born [born in Ukraine, emigrated to the US in 1978 - Oui] billionaire living in New York and London; and the Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman.

    (Rosen is on the advisory board of Fridman's Russian conglomerate, Alfa Group, whose subsidiary company, Altimo, does business with Iran. When asked about this, Rosen said that "as an adviser, I urged that they get out of that business and have been assured they are in the process of doing so".)

Readers of this blog will remember Lev Leviev's critical role in building Israeli settlement towns and cities in the West Bank and in Judaizing East Jerusalem through fraudulent sales of Palestinian land to settlers. Not to mention a putsch he helped organize which allowed Chabad to take control of the Russian national Jewish communal organization.

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