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Alfa Group - Telecom troubles

If banking is a means to an end, the business Fridman has been keenest on is telecoms; his main ambition was to build up a "Vodafone for the East" as he described it to me in an interview. And as a result Alfa Group went on a shopping spree via its telecoms holding vehicle Altimo. It bought a 25% stake in MegaFon and a 43.8% stake in Vimpelcom, Russia's two largest cellular telecoms; Altimo acquired all of the much smaller Reservspetsmet; and overseas Altimo owns 29.9% of Golden Telecom (United States), 43.5% of Kyivstar (Ukraine), 13% of Turkcell (Turkey), and all of Bakri Uzbekistan Telecom and Uzbek-Malaysian Communication (both Uzbekistan).

Russian oligarch selling nuclear technology to the Islamic Republic of Iran (June 2007)

Some of those technologies have been aided by Alfa's banking arm, which serves as the primary financial agent for the nuclear power project. A year ago, Alfa made a huge loan - on "privileged terms," according to Ukraine's government - to finance a state-owned Ukrainian company's ability to build and sell aircraft to countries that include Iran.

And those financial ties apparently extend further than Alfa wants the world to know.

FOX News has obtained documents that lay out a secret effort, codenamed "1979 Project", over the past nine months by Altimo, the $20 billion telecom arm of Alfa Group, to purchase a controlling share in an Iranian mobile phone company called Iraphone.

The paper trail shows that that the transaction was being funneled through a shell company called Amigo -- an entity owned by Sky Mobile of Kyrgyzstan, which was itself purchased by Altimo last June.

EU's New Neighbours: The Case of Ukraine [large pdf - Alfa Group - Alliance Group]

NY Jewish leader's biz partner has Iran ties | NY Post - April 2012 |

Developer and Jewish leader Jack Rosen discussing claims business partner Russian Mikhail Fridman and his Alfa Bank helped fund an Iranian nuclear plant in Bushehr.

A Russian bank chief with suspected ties to the funding for the construction of a nuclear-power plant in Iran has just inked a lucrative deal with a top real-estate firm led by a prominent Jewish leader in New York to snap up distressed properties along the East Coast -- including in the city, The Post has learned.

The partners are eyeing at least one property in the Financial District and another just over the river in New Jersey.

The odd partnership comes amid tension between Iran and Israel -- and by extension, the United States -- over Iran's refining of nuclear fuel.

Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman, 47 -- who runs Alfa Bank, his nation's largest private finance house -- teamed up with developer Jack Rosen of Rosen Partners in December to invest $1 billion in US real estate from New York to Miami.

The Israel Lobby in UK - Al Jazeera [via article in Tikun Olam]

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