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Some familiarity with historical systems of human social organization is needed to assay comparative discursion on "rationality": The 'Age of Reason' ushered by western 'Enlightenment' to the forefront of moral imperatives, or mores--with imperial teleology--is a canard. Rhetorical distinctions between secular and religious customs express one canon of hierarchical domination and liberation.

To date, the elaborate sophistry of western 'Enlightenment' --a project entirely dedicated to dissembling political and religious customs-- has subjugated untold millions of people to a value system administrated by a cadre, armed by covert and overt violence.

Violence (annihilation of another) is one system of human organization, preceded in point of fact by the biological emergence, if you will, of rationality in human being.

If one can trust that symbolic language signifies 'higher-order' cognition ('reasoning') and mutually intelligible speech, it follows that this faculty indeed defines humanity, bar none. These attributes are not severable. Obversely, irrationality expresses unintelligible speech.

This is another system of human organization: The purposes of exchanging known and expressing unknown knowledge between people should be self-evident, species preservation. The density of these exchanges in any space-time can be understood as an occurence "society," regardless of the symbolic term adopted by two or more people.

We generations of modernity have been tutored to name categorically religion that which is unknown experience. Known experience, oral and written artifacts (repetition) of organized human industry, predicates 'history'. More ridiculous in this age of abstract reasoning is, western imperial violence has systematically denied philosophical status in its ranks to the customs of its subjugated peoples.

Division of labor within a society is another system of human organization. It may be mutually agreed (contingent) or habitual as with hereditary assignment to each generation in a society or violence. We generations of modernity have been tutored to name categorically economics that experience with and esoteric knowledge of a division of labor.

The dominance of any one of these systems in the "rationalization" and organization of humans by human 'authorities' is cyclical. Neologism is rife.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 at 03:26:03 PM EST
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Reason is a power structure that immediately gets suspected very much in the West, Islam and other cultures. Enlightenment is just the most successful rational project yet -- indeed an imperial hurricane, but falling into energetic restrictions as well.

Religion may still have little real competition in the area of unknown experiences (where rationality quickly undercuts itself). Species preservation is exactly an area with many unknowns. Particularly, climate change is an unprecedented unknown in its scale. Most likely, our acute innovation won't go much further than re-establishment of unjust authorities and divisions of labor. Who else than progressives would be the last to see those signs?

by das monde on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 at 07:32:47 PM EST
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