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Seymour Hersh "unmasked" the Mai Lai massacre. And the salient point about Chomsky's unearned credit for the author is Chomsky's self-aggrandizement on the backs of two other remarkable yet obscure scholars, Herman and Lippmann. To this I can agree with violent eye-rolls. In US AMERICA everything under the sun is NEW! IMPROVED!

& anarcho-syndicalism 2018
& not Bernays 2018
vs. Lippmann, David Simon, Krugman 2009

Having read into and somewhat admired Chomsky's theory of generative grammar ('60s), I understand Zeusse's basis for criticism. Chomsky's contribution to linguistic theory remains novel and controversial analysis to academia's purchase in the subject matter --for much the same crass reasons that Martin Bernal's work in historical linguistics was violently dismissed ('80s): Both ventured "outside his lane," as the young folk today say.

Having read a few of Chomsky's monograph's on US military aggression especially in south and central America, I eventually observed a formula to his method. That is serial restatements of revolutionary agency...anarcho-syndicalism, rather comically. Anachronism and topical impertinence recurs as his literature ages to challenge to the credibility of originality in or authenticity of his thought process. His advantage in securing a legacy as US America's "revolutionary" public intellectual then is epic unfamiliarity among his devotees with his ouevre as well as the contexts of its claims.

Not unlike Veblen, Hamilton! (the musical Federalist Paper 1-88), and of course IRS historical tables of personal income tax policy.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Jan 12th, 2019 at 06:14:54 PM EST
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Didn't delve into his profession in linguistics. Chomsky kicked some shins I see ... revolutionary in a new age of computer development. An analytical profession. I remember the analog computers at McDonnell Aeronautics, briefly worked with them during my study.

Background: Chomksy's study in linguistics at MIT

Noam Chomsky and the Human Revolution

The  language device of his MIT electronics  laboratory is revolutionary, but  not  in a  social  or  political  sense.  As  if  to ensure complete neutrality, language  is  equated  with a  natural  object  in  the  head, defined  in such  a way as   to exclude activism, social life and even any function in social communication. It is  equally cut off  from Darwinian evolutionary explanation. Chomsky's  critics  have  been puzzled  by these intellectual strategies. This  paper is an anthropologist's attempt to understand.

In  1955,  Chomsky  joined  the `Research  Laboratory  of  Electronics'  at  the  Massachusetts  Institute  of Technology. His work was funded by the US military. Chomsky explains:

    'About  half  the  Institute's  budget  was  coming  from  two  major  military  laboratories  that  they administered, and of the rest, the academic side, it could have been something like 90% or so from the Pentagon.  Something  like  that.  Very  high.  So  it  was  a  Pentagon-based  university.  And  I  was  at  a military-funded lab'.


Chomsky and his supporters subsequently secured two large defence grants, one for a project based in MIT  and the other for research undertaken  in the  University of California Los Angeles. Aspects of the Theory of Syntax contains this acknowledgment:

    'The  research  reported  in  this  document  was  made  possible  in  part  by  support  extended  the Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology,  Research  Laboratory  of  Electronics,  by  the  Joint  Services Electronics  Programs  (U.S.  Army,  U.S.  Navy,  and  U.S.  Air  Force)  under  Contract  No.  DA36-039-AMC-03200(E);  additional  support  was  received  from  the  U.S.  Air  Force (Electronic  Systems Division  under  Contract  AF19(628)-2487),  the  National  Science  Foundation  (Grant  GP-2495),  the National  Institutes  of  Health  (Grant  MH-04737-04),  and  the  National  Aeronautics  and  Space Administration (Grant NsG-496).

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
by Oui on Sat Jan 12th, 2019 at 08:31:55 PM EST
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To ovations, Hamilton! star reprises role in Puerto Rico
"I think that's absolutely monstrous,"
Miranda said as he apologized that he didn't have further comment. "It's the first time I'm hearing that. I've been a little busy."

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 at 03:45:10 AM EST
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