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Vinay Lal, History of British India, Lec03 (transcript -- ed.)
... We will seek to understand how the Europeans use the template of European history to define and construct India and how and with what consequences. And when I say, "the template of European history," What do I mean? By way of illustration, I've given this kind of illustration before and now I'm using a different language, because our endeavor will always be to try to explain the same thing using different languages. Some people understand it better through certain concepts than others. So when I say, "the template of European history", when the Europeans come to India, they assume that religious conflict is endemic in India, too. Why do they make that assumption? Because it was endemic in their society. I mean, remember the crusades. Remember the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, the brutal wars over religion that are fought in Europe. They assumed that similarly such religious conflict has in fact shaped the Indian past. And that's what it means to use the template of their history to try to understand India. ...
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Happy Black History Y4 D20

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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