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Group led by Thomas Piketty presents plan for 'a fairer Europe'

A group of progressive Europeans led by the economist and author Thomas Piketty has drawn up a bold new blueprint for a fairer Europe to address the division, disenchantment, inequality and rightwing populism sweeping the continent.

The plan, crafted by more than 50 economists, historians and former politicians from half a dozen countries, includes huge levies on multinationals, millionaires and carbon emissions to generate funds to tackle the most urgent issues of the day, including poverty, migration, climate change and the EU's so-called democratic deficit.

Published as the British parliament is set for a climactic Brexit vote, the "manifesto for the democratisation of Europe" says EU institutions are stuck in "a technocratic impasse" that benefits the rich.

"Following Brexit and the election of anti-European governments at the head of several member countries, it is no longer possible to continue as before," says the document.

"We cannot simply wait for the next departures or further dismantling without making fundamental changes to present-day Europe."

The move underlines the gulf between the preoccupations of the UK and those across the Channel. While the UK is consumed by its tortuous EU exit process, Europe's pro-EU political forces are concerned with avoiding losses to anti-European populists in next May's European elections.

Our manifesto to save Europe from itself | The Guardian Opinion - Thomas Piketty |

Since the election of anti-European governments across the EU, and with Brexit looming, it is no longer possible to continue as before. We cannot simply wait for the next departures, or further dismantling without making fundamental changes to present-day Europe. Our continent is caught between political movements whose programme is confined to hunting down foreigners and refugees, on one hand, and on the other those who claim to be European but in reality continue to consider that hardcore liberalism and the spread of competition are enough to define a political project. They don't recognise that this lack of social ambition is what leads to feelings of abandonment.

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