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conclusory, adj.
typically modifies a statement, or asserted fact


  1. The comment above collects conclusory statements.
  2. Annotations to The Memo offered by BBC employees are conclusory statements.
  3. The Memo states the committee's conclusion of its own investigation of US gov agents' procedure(s) in accord with US laws to obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance of one individual, Carter Page, a US citizen. The findings of the investigation list procedural error in fact in the  submission of any evidence indicating "probable cause" of crime in progress required for surveillance and subsequent renewals of any warrant obtained. That conclusion is, "material and relevant information were omitted" from submissions for a warrant to conduct surveillance of Mr Page. That fact is undisputed even by the committee's opponents who (i) admit "underlying" facts of criminal conduct have been withheld by unnamed persons from the committee's investigation and (ii) these facts not in evidence exculpate conclusory statements submitted for the warrant.

An aphorism attains practicable advice for expert and amateur detectives seeking truth in such matters: Liars cannot keep track of their lies.

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by Cat on Sat Feb 3rd, 2018 at 08:34:24 PM EST
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