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You may be interested to read front-page headlines at The Nation. "Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes Are Betraying the Constitution in the Service of Donald Trump" caught my attention. What genius the author may have hope to impress upon his readers with a disorderly defense of "separation of powers" was lost here.
For the system of checks and balances to function, the leaders charged with responsibility for the various branches of government must zealously defend the authority of the branches they lead.

This is the basic duty that House Speaker Paul Ryan rejected when he chose to make the legislative chamber subservient to President Trump's lawless executive branch.

For want of citation to Marbury v. Madison, which settled the question in which branch authority to interpret all laws, rules and regulations derived thereof, resides.

Also and inexplicably the author appears to be arguing that representatives interfere in the chief executive's "lawless" administration of executive officers, rather than, say, judicial officers. huh.

I think, neither journal, Nation and Review, is equipped with informed editorial "authority".

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by Cat on Sun Feb 4th, 2018 at 03:07:07 AM EST
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