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Dutch foreign minister under pressure over Putin lie, papers say he must go | Dutch News |

Editorials The Financieele Dagblad heads its editorial 'The end of Zijlstra'. 'If Zijlstra is allowed to remain the credibility of this cabinet will be compromised. Not only would it invalidate any criticism of Russia, it would also damage the campaign against fake news. For the future of the coalition and the prestige of politics it would be better if Zijlstra left.'

The Volkskrant says Zijlstra 'twisted Putin's words, first to make himself look important, then to save his skin'. According to the paper, Zijlstra's 'fake story made him vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians who knew what really happened', the paper writes.

The Volkskrant is also critical of Zijlstra's fellow politicians. Now that he has confessed 'the coalition wagon trail has formed a circle' so as not to endanger the fledgling coalition.'

The Volkskrant says the cabinet and prime minister Rutte are 'oblivious of the impact of this lying and prevaricating'. Rutte himself is now vulnerable because he accused the Russians of lying several times in the MH17-file which he has repeatedly says is a priority. Loyalty to political friends is a virtue but the interests of the country come first,' the Volkskrant concludes.

An earlier incident with a Dutch member of parliament and the circumstances of the MH-17 crash of July 2014 ...

MH17 investigation 'could be hurt' by Omtzigt's fake witness

Russian fake news a threat to Netherlands: Interior Minister | NL Times - Nov. 14, 2017 |

Fake news is a deep concern for the new Netherlands cabinet, and its suppression is a priority in the Dutch cabinet, a new letter sent to parliamentarians shows. Russia deserves much of the blame for a disinformation campaign in the Netherlands, Interior Minister Kajsa Ollongrenhas clearly states in a brief to the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament.

"Netherlands finds itself in the sights of Russian intelligence, among others," writes the new cabinet minister. Ollongrenhas is since a few weeks in office after serving as an alderman and interim-mayor in Amsterdam. She does not exclude other countries as being responsible for spreading fake news and propaganda. "Of this country we know it, but we don't have to think that it is only Russia".

The minister will deal with the spread of fake news directly with companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, she says. It is also demonstrates part of the need for the 95 million euros budgeted to bolster cybersecurity and cyberdefense in the Netherlands, including money for counter-terrorism, military intelligence, and the Ministries of Defense, Economic Affiars, Foreign Affairs, and Infrastructure, Public Works & Water Management, the cabinet says in a press release.

And I could go on and on .... also the EU contracted fake news investigators of Brussels provide ... FAKE NEWS!

EU misinformation team accuses Dutch media of fake news - Jan. 23, 2018

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