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Democrats want $300 million to fight possible Russia election tampering
U.S. Democratic leaders called on Congress on Wednesday to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation $300 million to fight [?] foreign efforts to interfere in congressional and state elections in November, amid growing concerns about potential Russian influence on the polls.

Citing warnings from intelligence agencies that Russia is trying to influence the upcoming vote, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi asked that the additional funds be included in a bill to fund the government which Congress aims to pass by March 23.

"This additional funding should be targeted to ensure the resources and manpower to counter the influence of hostile foreign actors operating in the U.S., especially Russian operatives operating on our social media platforms," Schumer, Pelosi and the top Democrats on the Senate and House Appropriations Committees wrote in a letter.
Democrats also want a "substantial" increase in funding for the Department of Homeland Security and Election Assistance Commission to help states upgrade their machines and systems. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar said on a conference call with reporters that she would back $386 million for states.

Total $686 million appropriation to do WHAT? Patrol "political advertising" by innerboob and subsidize states' purchases of NEW! ballot equipment "and other purposes" like enforcing voter ID checks at polling stations. m'k. Dropping all pretense of defending DACA is surely a winning proposition for DNC congressional candidates. "Real US persons" are gonna love this meddling and interference with their democracy.

"A crafty cover story for extra-ordinary measures to "protect" voters ..."
Russians Successfully Hacked U.S. Voter Systems Before 2016 Election, Top Official Says - Newsweek

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