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m'k. Assange tweeted his authoratative opinion and reasons to classify IRA ("the ORGANIZATION") social media activities as commercial ad sales --"spam" factory, formerly-known-as-junk-mail advertiser (US-Eng.)-- not "information warfare" illegal electioneering or espionage.


This opinion is set "to trend". His readers will reproduce it ("re-tweet"). Advertisers will purchase publishing service(s) from Twitter --and any other IP publisher that reproduces this Assange mssg -- to locate their advertisements (text or image) with any occurance of keywords associated with this Assange, Assange', Assange'' mssg.

The price for the publishing service is set by the publisher (fixed or auction) according to publisher's estimated market size, or circulation size, or audience size, and other qualifying demographic traits of said market. Additionally, publisher and advertiser agree on fee per reader response to the advertisement ("click through rate") which the advertiser will pay the publisher.

Production of an advertisement is a separate cost born by the advertiser. Typically, advertisers do NOT "purchase ads" from publishers, because publishers typically lack the production capabilities to produce such that material.

That is the basic advertising business model (source of revenue), regardless of publishing medium (a/k/a marketing or distribution "channel") --BROADCAST VIDEO, BROADCAST RADIO, PRINT, OUTDOOR, TRANSIT, INTERNET & VOICE TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTIONS, EVENT, GARMENT, RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT, PERSONAL ENDORSEMENT


This knowledge would otherwise not be worth mentioning, again, had so many real US persons NOT pretended to be unfamiliar with the volume and value of industry revenue or accepted social media corporate claims to "revolutionary" business model(s) or relied on "Mad Men" serial dramatization for information or certain US senators' "impressions" about the utility of telecommunication.

But here we are.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Feb 23rd, 2018 at 07:02:59 PM EST

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