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I'm getting increasingly worried at a ratcheting of the violent rhetoric when Brexit inevitably fails to deliver the riches promised. The EU has been portrayed as the villain for decades and now is refusing a "good Brexit deal" (They want to punish us!)

Coupled with a drift to authoritarian right-wing policies, it is sadly not hard to envision an isolated post-Brexit Britain becoming increasingly aggressive vis a vis its European neighbors. After all, what's best to stoke the flame of patriotism (the last refuge of the scoundrels)?

Britain has one of the most powerful militaries in Europe, along with France, and goodness forbids should anything happen, like Spain's Rajoy government trying something rash on Gibraltar...

After Dunkirk last July, Darkest Hour last month, what's the next movie to revive the good old days? Trafalgar?

by Bernard on Sun Feb 4th, 2018 at 06:51:17 PM EST
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