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When he actually attacks the real enemy, Nick cohen is pretty good. This is worth reading in full.

Guardian - Nick Cohen - The irresponsible know-nothing Right that treats everything as a joke

Culture wars are endless because their participants enjoy them so. It's fun, if you are on the right, to mock liberal double standards and break liberal taboos. So much fun, it becomes instinctive: a way of lashing out rather than a way of thinking.

If the left is dominated by puritan preachers who denounce the faults of everyone but themselves, the right is dominated by a satirical "contrarian culture", which is now so predictable there's nothing contrary about it. Liberals and leftists are humourless hypocrites, the party line runs. At Oxfam or in Hollywood, they satisfy the brute desires they deplore in others. In the privacy of their Tuscan and Hampstead homes they show every indication of wanting to hoard rather than share their wealth. Worst of all they are elitists, who look down their dainty noses at the masses who voted for Brexit and Trump, and damn them as racist fools. The satirical right dominates the conservative web and newspapers because it delivers the occasional truth about liberal hypocrisy, which you do not have to be a conservative to appreciate. Satire worked as a counter-culture protest because from the 1990s until 2016 the "establishment" was politically correct, and most of us enjoy seeing the pomposity of the powerful punctured. As the contrarians head to power, however, outsiders can see the teeth behind the smirk. The label that has stuck to the demagogues who dominate British and American politics is "the alt-right". But, as Brexit is proving, it is as much a "bullshit right".

I am not being vulgar but am drawing on the work of Harry G Frankfurt. Unlike liars, who at least know the truth when they deceive, the philosopher explained, bullshitters have no concern for truth. They don't care if they are lying or not. They just say whatever it takes to win. "By virtue of this," Frankfurt ruled, "bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are."

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