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Talking Points Memo - Josh Marshall - It's Worse Than We Thought

I was speaking to friends last night at a belated birthday party and I told several of them something I'd like to share with you now. While I've been following the Trump era for going on three years and long been a pessimist about the depth of his corruption - both venal and otherwise - the last two weeks has made me think the situation is significantly worse than I'd imagined.

Let me refer very briefly to two points.
Commentators often say the President doesn't like being questioned; he's angry that his appointees don't defend him; he lashes out at different staff members whom he's `frustrated' with. In other words, people look for process explanations. This is all seems like psychologizing and over-explaining to avoid the most obvious explanation: he's scared and looking for a way out. But he can't seem to find one. It's all escalating. And we've learned over the last week that President Trump's racket with Russia may be only one facet of his family's political corruption. The level of apparent corruption, interlaced with numerous constitutional landmines, is beyond our national experience.

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