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Guardian - Martin Kettle - The world is clear-eyed about Brexit, and knows it must be reversed

The foreigner's political eye can be innocent, failing to see the tangled vernacular in an unfamiliar land. But it can sometimes see the big political picture with greater clarity. Foreigners can see what Americans struggle to accept about their terrible gun culture. Foreigners can see that Italians will demean their country if they re-elect Silvio Berlusconi's party.

What about foreigners' views of Britain? What do their eyes see that we too often miss? Here are three examples, all garnered from just the past few days. They are widely representative.

First, politely, Wolfgang Ischinger at the Munich security conference last weekend. Ischinger is an anglophile, a global thinker, a former German ambassador to Britain. As chairman of the Munich conference, he interviewed Theresa May at the weekend, very deliberately saying to her that Brexit was "highly regrettable" and that "Things would be so much easier if you stayed." May smiled icily at this, like the political hostage she is, as the letter from Jacob Rees-Mogg's deregulatory fanatics this week so cockily confirms.


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