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You mean that academics use the academic term according to its academic definition (which is apparently more then a hundred years old) instead of using the definition of the man in the video? If so, there are much that is hushed up because there are a lot of terms that is used differently on youtube than in academic papers.

I am sure you can sum up what in this video that supports your idea that "80% of males having poor socio-economic and procreation prospects is about the norm for a primate species". If he shows huge his fangs and small balls and grows to the size of a male gorilla it might be worth watching.

I suspect that you again confuse pick-up artist ideas with demographics. If pick-up artist ideas about demographics doesn't match the records, I suggest you look into if there is actually any foundation for the pick-up artist ideas about demographics.

Maybe pick-up artist ideas in general even turns out to be ye old-fashioned secret to success snake oil, where the true secret to success lies selling bullshit rather then buying bullshit?

by fjallstrom on Fri Mar 9th, 2018 at 04:18:24 PM EST
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