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It is not unlike the last years (40s BC) of the Roman Republic, when Caesarian populists broke up that decadent aristocratic machinery of limited democracy. Imagine awkwardly smart Cicero and his imperceptive conservative colleagues relying on oligarchs like Pompeius Magnus.

As well, it is not unlike the end of the Islamic Golden Age, with al-Ghazali hammering key nails on that progress.

And it is not unlike the decline of ancient Babylonian, Assyrian cities, with rural traditionalists having the last laugh by establishing religions for ages.

And now... or soon... we may obviously see a major malfunction... and powerlessness... of the progressive pulse... again...

Is our benevolence too arrogant, humanity too abstract, and knowledge of good and evil too superior? Why else would unappreciative commoners just like to troll us?

by das monde on Sun Feb 25th, 2018 at 10:37:57 AM EST

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