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It was president Mevedev who got hoodwinked by the Obama administration and SoS Hillary Clinton in 2011 to the chagrin of Vladimir Putin.

The lessons of Serbia and Kosovo were not learned, the Americans are for regime change contrary to the UN Charter guaranteeing protection of sovereign states on their internal affairs. That is the prime reason for China to use its veto in the UNSC. It was the international intelligence community that colluded with the false claims of WMDs in Iraq when it was already burdened by a decade of UN sanctions. The illegality of the US led invasion in close liason with the UK was never in question.

The next step by old colonial states of the West with the US is to use the prerogative of the R2P principle. It was conceived after the illegal bombing of Serbia in the 1990s and used to get a first protection order from the UNSC in 2011 for NATO led bombing raids on troops  of Gaddafi. It was to break the siege and "protect" the citizens of Mirata. Russia under Medvedev agreed, the US and the West escalated and set the goal for regime change.

George Bush had failed in 2008 to protect the Rose Revolution of Saakashvili's Georgia and its act of aggression towards South Ossetia. In 2014, the West, NATO and Victoria Nuland succeeded in de coup d'état in Kiev and install a Western ally in the Ukraine. That Crimea would stay under Russian influence should have been a calculated known.

Ever since April 2008 and the NATO meeting in Bucharest, it was clear the United States would not accept Russia as a partner but preferred a Cold War defiance and make Russia a pariah state.

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: "NATO should not have committed to membership of Ukraine and Georgia."

Israel, the Serbia with Nukes ...
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Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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