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This is happening in Italy too with Salvini, unabashed supporter of Trump.
The collapse of the PD centre left and the bipartisan collusion to exclude the 5*Movement through another (probably unconstitutional like the last two were deemed by the Supreme Court, post facto) new electoral law that practically guarantees ungovernability have spurred the fortunes of centre and hard right.
Italy's answer to Trump, Le Pen, and other right-drifting parties in Europe is a mishmash of Berlusconi redux and Salvini, with another couple of lightweight parties for Ballast.
3 years ago the right were in ruins here, Renzi ran the show and the 5* mounted the most serious of parliamentary oppositions.
Now the MV5* are polling top, but refuse to sully their name allying with other parties, so will very possibly be outnumbered by coalitions not too proud to betray their respective electorates and form temporary alliances with their ostensible, fake enemy opposites just to grab seats in both houses.
We may have to undergo another technical government if no party has enough seats to legislate effectively, and the role of premier will probably remain with Gentiloni, a genteel, anodyne politician with old school ideas about running the place (into the ground), while they quarrelsomely negotiate another electoral law with a more rational outcome.
This was supposed to be the prime and sole objective of the last Renzi government, but they put it off till the last two weeks before the election after endless wrangling, pushed it through into law by ministerial decree, (both ploys widely -and rightly-
 seen as underhanded by the public), suffering a sense of deja vu as they see the grotesque reapparition of Berlusconi, re-conjured into power -as in all these examples- by a spineless, milquetoast left steeped in corruption and compromise, and a mass media united in hating on the 5*MV.
Hollande, Clinton, Miliband all fit that bill too.
There may be a grand coalition but it will be really every party for itself as soon as they're voted into office.
The only miracle to be hoped for is that the MV5* snag 40% of the electorate, which would be astonishing even if they weren't such a young, inexperienced party, unheard of.
They are polling at a pretty solid 30%, ahead of any other single party with the PD decimated by Renzi's betrayal of the old or aging lefty workers whose work has left them to relocate to cheaper labour zones, partly thanks to Renzi's hare-brained economic policies.
It has taken them years, but the media's help in brainwashing the public into abject terror of the 'popolisti' MV5* has revived the old Alligator into his usual patter about flat taxes, a cheque in every mailbox, and how brilliant he was until evil Europe conspired to send him packing as a continental embarrassment. (A coup d'état, according to him).
Between him and Salvini they have a lot in common with Trump's descent to power. Berlusconi has immense wealth garnered with very shady support and Salvini blows his racist dogwhistle with alacrity, so together they form a franken-compendium of Trump, with similar levels of  charm.

Like the latter, they both lie like rugs.

Right even of Salvini live Casa Pound and Forza Nuova, Italy's answer to Greece's Golden Dawn and Le Pen senior, unreconstructed, unapologetic fascists. They are still not numerous to be truly dangerous, but their open violence and Duce-worship has the unfortunate side effect of making Salvini seem tame.

Fun times...


'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

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