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There are also lots of Brexit true believers who are quite successful in their own lives and who believe that Britain can do much better outside the EU which they see as an artificial, bureaucratic, quagmire run by Mandarins with no democratic accountability our sensitivity to "British" feelings.

It is certainly true that most Brits never bought into the EU ideals of "ever closer union" etc. and saw Europe primarily as an opportunity for trade and a holiday destination. There has been no emotional attachment as in some other countries. No sense that the EU has been instrumental in maintaining peace.

They are literally living in a different world which is why their has been no meeting of minds between EU and UK negotiators, and little enough between Brexiteers and Remainers within the UK. Only time will tell whether there is an truth in their thesis, but for the moment they are living in a world of different facts.

See, for example...

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