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melo: A situation where the effort to create a bogeyman would be wasted, as it was so obvious to anyone with half a brain that it was the Tories' fault, no ifs or buts or maybes.

Quite the opposite I'm afraid: those who threw Britain in that hole will want to make sure that blame is deflected from them and aimed squarely at their favorite bogeyman - the (German run, French inspired) Europe instead. Patriotism; still the last refuge of the scoundrels, is it not?

I've already written before that I fully expect a rise in violent rhetoric as the Brexiters dreams fail to materialize. Renewed violence in Northern Ireland is not only a small price to pay (by others), but a welcome diversion too. And let's not forget Gibraltar:

Gibraltar to Spain: We won't be blackmailed on Brexit transition - Politico

Gibraltar will not be bullied into accepting joint sovereignty between the U.K. and Spain as a condition for being included in a Brexit transition period, the territory's deputy chief minister, Joseph Garcia, said.

Spain has sought to reclaim sovereignty over Gibraltar from the U.K. for nearly 300 years, and the EU has effectively given Madrid veto authority over any provisions pertaining to the Rock in a Brexit agreement.

Anxiety among Gibraltar officials has deepened, however, since Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in December he viewed that veto power as applying to a transition deal as well.

Spain sets Brexit challenge with Gibraltar demands - FT

Spain is demanding joint management of Gibraltar's airport after Britain leaves the EU, as it spells out its position on an issue that could derail a Brexit deal.

Alfonso Dastis, Spain's foreign minister, told the Financial Times that Spain wants a bilateral deal with the UK that includes "managing the airport together" as well greater co-operation on tax fraud and tobacco smuggling.

His position falls well short of a full-blooded demand for sovereignty over Gibraltar as part of a Brexit deal. "Sovereignty is something we aspire to, that we are not renouncing, but in these negotiations it is not the issue," Mr Dastis said.

Britain still has one the most powerful militaries of Western Europe and it doesn't take much to picture an ultra-nationalist government being tempted to use it to "right" the European "wrongs"...

by Bernard on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 at 07:45:02 PM EST
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