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I think ATinNM was referring to FTA's the EU has with sovereign third parties such as Canada rather than "overseas territories" such as Gibraltar which the EU has been dealing with as more or less part of the UK - for the practical purposes of trade - as your quote confirms.

Liam Fox seems to think that the Canada's of this world will be only too delighted to grant the UK the same terms of trade as were painstakingly negotiated with the EU in the belief that they would gain access to a market of 500M people in return. That FTA involved lots of compromises which Canada might wish to revisit in the context of a deal with the UK and the much smaller market opportunity it represents.

If I was a Canadian trade negotiator I would have a list of things I rather reluctantly conceded to the EU which I am absolutely not prepared to concede to the UK.  But has Liam Fox even had that conversation with the Canadians yet? And what about the hundreds of other deals the EU has with other third parties?

The global political climate for free trade negotiations has hardly improved in recent weeks. What if the Canadian Government, and all the other third parties, decide to "put their own countries first" and "have there cake and eat it"?

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