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Chessboard Near East. NATO leadership (USAsians) is provoking a war with Putin's Russia. NK action will provoke retaliation from both China and Russia. Trump will attempt to eliminate the self-interest of South Korea which will come under immediate fire from NK. Russia is building new military bases in ally Syria. The result of the West's provocation for regime change through jihadist proxies and funding from KSA, UAE and Qatar. Great support for Syrian opposition from the Atlantic Council. The Obama White House let ISIL expand as a force to fight the Syrian Army. Similar to present support for the Kurds fighting inside NE Syria. Turkey has all but switched allegiance from NATO partnership to Putin's Russia because of self-interest. Europe also has split politically from Erdogan's Turkey. So the new Near East alliance is formed by Iran - Syria - Iraq (partly) - Turkey and Russia. Any attack on Iran will get a response from the alliance. See my earlier writing about the CENTO states and the Baghdad Pact. These same states were used by the US to contain Communist expansion of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Putin succeeded to maintain Russia's key naval bases of Sevastopol on Black Sea and Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea. Important defensive moves, Russia has no global footprint to threaten US might in an unipolar world.

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by Oui on Sun Mar 4th, 2018 at 07:35:25 AM EST

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