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ICO statement: investigation into data analytics for political purposes

British authorities raid Cambridge Analytica offices in London | DW |

Investigators from Britain's information regulatory agency on Friday raided the central London offices of Cambridge Analytica, the consulting company at the center of a Facebook data misuse scandal.

A Hugh Court judge had granted the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) a warrant for the search on Friday evening.

UK investigators raid offices of firm at centre of Facebook data storm | France24 |

Investigators from Britain's data watchdog entered the London offices of a data analytics firm at the centre of a storm over allegations it improperly harvested Facebook data to target U.S. voters.

About 20 officials, wearing black jackets with ICO Enforcment on them, arrived at the central London offices of Cambridge Analytica on Friday. This occured soon after a High Court judge granted a search warrant sought by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in connection with their alleged abuse of Facebook data.

    It is understood they are searching for correspondence and communications between SCL and GSR, as well as data obtained from Facebook via Kogan.
    News of the raid came as the acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Dr Alexander Tayler, appointed after the suspension of Alexander Nix, issued an apology about the way some data had been collected by an affiliate company

    "I am sorry that, in 2014, SCL Elections [an affiliate of Cambridge Analytica] licensed Facebook data from a research company [GSR] that had not received consent from respondents."

The officials, who were let into the building by security guards, brought crates with them, according to witnesses.  

CA parent company director SCL Group Roger Gabb donated over £700,000 to Tories

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Information Commissioner told Facebook to 'back off' from CA HQ search | Mail Online |

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Storage crates were removed from Cambridge Analytica's London headquarters on Tuesday (pictured) but it is not yet known who has ordered them to be taken away (Reuters)

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