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Well, if we had 30% religious attendance that'd be 18 million every sunday. I think you'll find that, even with other religions included, the figure barely gets much above 3 or 4 million. 30% is colossal. And  a political class that recognises and is wary of that bloc will be more easily influenced. It is imperative to recognise that dead hand in Irish politics

As for the UK, despite our polticians, Alaistair Campbell was right; "We don't do god". Overtly religious politicians are somewhat distrusted here, even if demonstrations of observance are standard fare (for some reason a picture of Mrs May attending church is always released to the papers for monday deadline, and they often publish it).

They keep trying on abortion, but c/w in even the most right wing newspapers is that any govt that seriously intrudes on women's rights in this regard will fall the day after. They can talk all they like, but they'd never dare do anything.

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I think something like a third of your academies are faith schools. Do they not "do God" in them?
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Yea but 30% down from 90%+ is a big trend, and the Irish do cognitive dissonance better than anyone. How many of those 30% actually believe or follow Catholic social teaching?

Government to consider introducing free contraception for all

The Government will consider providing free contraception, in the event the Eighth Amendment is removed from the Constitution.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has confirmed his department will make proposals by the end of March to reduce crisis pregnancies.

The "nature and scope''of measures to improve access to counselling, contraception and perinatal care will be examined by an internal Department of Health group. Chief medical officer Tony Holohan will be involved in bringing forward the proposals. Free contraception was originally proposed by the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment.

How many will refuse? And this is a government allegedly led by the most right wing leader of the most right wing party in the state.

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