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'Clericalised' Catholic Church will not survive, says McAleese
"The clericalised church will not survive and that will be good. Just how long it might take or whether I'll be around to see, or whether my children will be still Catholics, my grandchildren, that I don't know.

"But frankly I did my best and the people who let me down in the job that I was given, the vocation as a Catholic mother and a Catholic woman, the people who let me down are not very far from here (in the Vatican)," she said.

Speaking in a question and answers session following her address to the Voices of Faith conference in Rome, she told delegates that next May in Dublin she was keynote speaker at a conference on the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Hosted by the Columba Press the theme of the conference, suggested by Sr Stanilaus Kennedy and Dom Mark Patrick Hederman, is "the Catholic Church has five years left in Ireland to reform or die", she said.

In Ireland "our church became an empire. We're only now seeing the final dismantling of that patriarchal, misogynistic empire. So we've actually never seen our church fully flourish in the way that I think Christ intended," Ms McAleese said.

"So we're now at a moment when the most educated generation in the history of Ireland is demanding that that's the church they want and if it's not the church that is available, well, they'll walk away."

The "gravitational pull of patriarchy, empire and misogyny and of homophobia has drained, in many ways, respect not just for the church. The danger is that it could drain it for the gospel itself. That's what keeps me in the church, really," she said.

Outlining her own background, she said she was "born and raised a Catholic in Belfast, one of the eldest of nine children. Because we were Catholics we lost our home, my parents lost their business, my father lost his sanity, my brother was almost murdered.

"On the morning that we were married two of our wedding guests, Catholics, were murdered in sectarian attacks. We lived in the area of Belfast with the highest density (of sectarian attacks) bar none. So that's my hinterland."

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