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Two Koreas Agree to End War This Year, Pursue Denuclearization
"The announcement was followed by a tersely worded commentary from Kim's Korean Central News Agency decrying sanctions and calling on the U.S. to drop its 'anachronistic hostile policy toward' North Korea."

Trilateral agreement needed to officially end Korean War
"When asked by Abe what the prospects were for a declaration of the Korean War's end and signing of a peace agreement at the summit, Moon replied that the matter of declaring an end to the war 'will not be resolved through inter-Korean dialogue alone, but can only succeed with at least a trilateral agreement by South Korea, North Korea, and the US.'"
Examining the differences between the three inter-Korean summits
"The two leaders were also relaxed enough to break the ice by wisecracking about sensitive security issues. 'I hear you've lost a lot of sleep attending meetings of the National Security Council because of us. I guess you've gotten used to getting up in the middle of the night,' Kim said with a smile.
" 'You gave me some advance warning about that during the special delegation's visit, so I think I'll be able to rest easy from now on,' Moon replied."
President Moon expected to meet with Trump again in mid-May

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