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[EC] in for clash with EU members over budget plans
The €1.279-trillion ($1.534-trillion) EU budget covering 2021 to 2027 was unveiled by the European Commission Wednesday following months of bickering and difficult consultations with the 27 members that will remain in the bloc after Britain leaves.

EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger had traveled through the bloc warning that the UK's exit would create a gap of between €12 billion and €14 billion

predictions from yesteryear ... £96 per capita, "€238.8 billion of unpaid bills", "busted flush"...
with the loss of Britain depriving the EU of one of its biggest net contributors at a time when the bloc is trying to finance new areas such as defense and tackle migration issues jointly.
Spend more to lose more
More money is to come in by taxing digital services, plastic waste and carbon emissions. The Commission wants a 3-percent consolidated corporate tax base to harmonize national rules on tax deductions. It also proposes that member states contribute a 20-percent share of revenues from national emissions trading auctions. Brussels says EU governments should also contribute 80 cents per kilogram of non-recycled platsic packaging waste. ...expected to wash €22 billion annually into EU coffers, or some 12 percent of the total EU budget revenue.
The EU executive is primarily aiming for cuts in two main areas which together account for almost three-quarters of all spending. Reductions will hit the so-called cohesion funds used for development in poorer European nations [and] the EU's Common Agricultural Policy will also be scrutinized for cuts.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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