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Brighter Future for Saudi Arabia as Crown Prince Dies

Prince Nayef is considered to be one of the most conservative persons in the Al Saud family. He views the potential erosion of the official Wahhabi-Salafi doctrine as a diminishing of the core legitimacy of the state itself and has resisted such moves, not from a pronounced sense of religious devotion, but rather a desire to maintain a firm grip on the levers of state power.

In November 2002, Nayef said, "It is impossible that 19 youths carried out the operation of September 11, or that bin Laden or Al Qaeda did that alone. ... I think [the Zionists] are behind these events." He later proposed that Americans visiting the kingdom should be fingerprinted like visitors to the United States.

...  The figure believed most likely to be tapped as the new heir is Prince Salman, the current defense minister who previously served for decades in the powerful post of governor of Riyadh, the capital.

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
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