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11 killed in police fire on protesters against Vedanta subsidiary in India
"At least kill one person!"

The protesters have two demands: the closure of the copper smelter plant of Sterlite in the region and a halt to the expansion plans of the plant to other regions in Thoothukudi.

Since the plant began operations in 1997, it has been accused of multiple environmental and human rights violations, causing massive health and livelihood problems to the residents of Thoothukodi. Sterlite Copper is the Indian copper-producing unit of Vedanta Ltd., a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources, a mining and metals conglomerate founded by Anil Agarwal, whose current wealth is estimated to be $3.3 billion while the company's wealth stands at $12.9 billion.

Protests against Sterlite Copper began from the time operations were initiated. The complaints raised against it have led to several shut-downs but all for short periods. The support the company has received from the State has allowed it [to] continue its operations.

OpEd | The road to greener and smarter cities is paved with copper
As a durable and sustainable metal with a long service life, copper plays a crucial role in the wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling, lighting and roofing of buildings. In fact, a recent report by the International Copper Association showed that there are more than 100 copper applications contributing to green and healthy building construction and improving the overall environmental performance of buildings.

It is also a key component in many low-carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles, solar thermal, photovoltaics, HVAC using natural refrigerants and smart grids. As such, copper is key to improving energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water quality, and life-cycle costs.

Desertec. Best idea since jesus on a stick with wheels.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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