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a Weinstein UPDATE
Weinstein Painted as Tuxedo-Clad Pimp for Sex-Trafficking Prostitution Case
Last year [the British actress Kadian] Noble sued Weinstein, his brother and their company under the Trafficking Commercial Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.
"Nobody has dealt with a factual situation like this under the statute?" Sweet asked, referring to sex-trafficking law.

Telling the judge he was correct, [Weinstein's attorney Phyllis] Kupferstein denied that there was any commercial sex act because Weinstein never promised to land Noble a film role.

"Her understanding about that is not a thing of value," she said.[1],[2],[3], [4]

If the case is unprecedented, Weinstein's accusers have brought the first cases on both coasts. [Noble's attorney Jeffrey ] Herman told reporters outside of court that he filed similar allegations on behalf of actress Dominique Huett in Los Angeles.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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re: "In any case, to judge by sample commentary, many US Americans are ill-equipped to advocate intelligently for the rights of prostitutes sex workers..."

Tenants With Benefits: Rise in 'Rent for Sex' Ads

A recent investigations reveals 250,000 women had been offered free or discounted rent in exchange for sex in the past five years in the UK.

The survey* was carried out by British TV show This Morning which interviewed a landlord who admitted he frequently offered rooms to women for free in return for sex, insisting he was doing nothing wrong and sparking outrage on Twitter.

"This is AWFUL

No. So. What's the final word, ppl. Is a "sex act" worthless? Or is it priceless? Profane or sacred? Your overlords want you to "react". Get to it. Arc of justice and all that.

* This survey is ghost in the machine. The instrument and methodology attributed to various organizations, is not available on the internet. The Times first reported the results 31 Jan 2018. The story has been pushed along month-over-month sinceuntil it reached Teh Kremlin [1], [ 2].

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Thu May 3rd, 2018 at 06:32:01 PM EST
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