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I must confess to a bit of schadenfreude in seeing Eric Schneiderman quit. He's finally getting the level of press coverage he always wanted.

You can read the underlying allegations that led to his world-record speedy resignation in the New Yorker. Four women accused him of sexual violence, such as being hit and choked by him. Two were willing to have their names published. One had a photo of the alleged damage done by him.


Schneiderman was singularly responsible for the Obama Administration' success in executing what has not been sufficiently well recognized as a second bailout to banks, in the form of the 2012 National Mortgage Settlement in which 49 states also participated. We called the "get out of liability for almost free card" for banks otherwise known as the National Mortgage Settlement. Federal and state officials had massive leverage over bank servicers to force them to do mortgage modifications for borrowers who still had some level of income. It would not only have been better for homeowners and communities, but it would have greatly reduced investor losses.

Schneiderman threatened me through Democratic party intermediaries as I wrote about how terrible the National Mortgage Settlement was and how the Administration had played him for a fool: "I'm going to get her." I didn't feel concerned because Schneiderman had been so ineffective as a prosecutor.

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Israeli Mossad and Black Cube

ExxonMobil's AG Claims Are Dismissed -- What a Shock!

Posted on March 30th, 2018 by Seth Jaffe   

Yesterday, Judge Valerie Caproni dismissed claims brought by ExxonMobil against New York Attorney General Schneiderman and Massachusetts Attorney General Healey.  Boiled down to their essence, ExxonMobil's claims were that investigations by Schneiderman and Healey into the possibility that ExxonMobil had committed fraud by misleading investors regarding the risks that climate change poses to ExxonMobil's business were politically motivated and in bad faith.

Did family members of Eric Schneidrman reply to emails from representatives of Black Cube?

I suppose Harvey Weinstein would know!

Black Cube a Mossad style business intelligence co

As I have stated before ... Trump & Co hand-in -glove with Netanyahu's Jewish State of Israel ... successfully applied the decoy of "Look at Russia, Putin did it!"  Check out Cambridge Analytica ...

'Sapere aude'

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Placed in context of Israel, taking MEK off terror list {Giuliani], UANI lobby group of Democrats and Republicans to kill off the Iran deal and Netanyahu's revenge ...

My diary @BooMan - #MeToo

'Sapere aude'

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