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"not yet widely available in the public domain."

The UK government issued a media censorship order over Skripal poisoning links to Trump-Russia dossier

The D-Notice issued on 7 March 2018, three days after the Skripal poisoning happened, stated the following:

    "Private and Confidential: Not for Publication, Broadcast or for use on Social Media TO ALL EDITORS The issue surrounding the identify of a former MI6 informer, Sergei Skripal, is already widely available in the public domain. However, the identifies of intelligence agency personnel associated with Sergei Skripal are not yet widely available in the public domain. The provisions of DSMA Notice 05 therefore apply to these identities. DSMA Notice 05 inter alia advises editors against the: `inadvertent disclosure of Sensitive Personnel Information (SPI) that reveals the identity, location or contact details of personnel (and their family members) who have security, intelligence and/or counter-terrorist backgrounds, including members of the UK Security and Intelligence Agencies, MOD and Specials Forces.'"

The D-Notice instructs the media not to report on matters surrounding security personnel associated with Sergei Skripal.

Nice! Beat many of msm to the fact of agent Pablo Miller .... was available on the Internet when I posted my diary in January 2017 about the "dodgy" dossier from Chris Steele and his MI6 partners at Orbis Business Intelligence. Certainly draws parallels with the Israel Mossad "Black Cube" group. That saga goes a bit deeper into the heart of the deep state in Washington DC and environs.

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