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You know the best way to the hearts and minds of "Women of Color"? Railroad a "Black Man for Bernie". Warn them all: Don't go wandering off the plantation for employment, gal. Not in Alabama, not in Mississippi, especially in Philly, where your entrepreneurial conduct just might be construed by "progressive" reporters as operating an unlicensed PAC? "An unwitting co-conspirator" of a foreign agent? More likely, a predator interfering with the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
How Breitbart Recruited a Bernie Sanders Activist to Suppress the Black Vote
"If you can't stomach Trump, just don't vote for the other people and don't vote at all," was Bruce Carter's refrain to voters in the summer of 2016. Carter, armed [!] with vehicles wrapped in photo collages of famous black Republicans and speeches touting how Donald Trump's business experience would benefit black communities, was an atypical fixture on the Trump campaign trail.
The group [!] claimed to be independent of the Trump campaign, which Carter's recollections contradict. "If there was coordination", Bloomberg writes
If the splashy, counterintuitive [!] story, which circulated on such conservative websites as Truthfeed and Infowars, wasn't exactly fake news, it was carefully orchestrated.
He approached Carter under the guise of interviewing him. The writer eventually dropped the pretense altogether, signing Carter up for a 10-week blitz aimed at convincing black voters in key states to support the Republican real estate mogul, or simply sit out the election.
"election law dictates that any contributions to groups such as his must fall within individual limits: no more than $2,700 for a candidate. One supporter far exceeded that cap, giving about $100,000 to Carter's efforts."
Tell it, Ilana. Who? wuz robbed of 35,000 votes by a black man in a van!

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Wed May 30th, 2018 at 02:27:11 AM EST
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