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Pompeo Challenged at Senate Foreign Relations Committee
A droplet from "a protuberance of greedy, sniveling, weak-minded buffoons with no genuine regard for their constituents" inquires:
"The Libya model, as Kim Jong Un has been interpreting it, is that the leader of the country surrenders their nuclear capability only to then be overthrown and killed. Why would you not think that Kim would not interpret it that way as it continued to escalate with Bolton and Vice President talking about the Qaddafi model? ....why would you think there would be any other interpretation at what happened to Qaddafi at the end of his denuclearization which is that he wound up dead? Why would that not elicit hostility from a negotiating partner three weeks prior to sitting down."

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by Cat on Sun Jun 3rd, 2018 at 08:34:08 PM EST
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