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A week! It took me a week of searching the grey matter to connect Condi's boy, Robert Zoellick, to a covert US-MEK op around '05 - (mentally coupled it to the "lost American hikers o'er the Iranian border" story of '09 -- another WTF trigger). Before then, the feds' posture was to deny any MEK cooperation. Wolfowitz was running 'terrorist' PKK out of Kurdistan into Iraq. And Bolton. Bolton was impugning every scavenger signed up to Oil4Food in the ME and Africa.

Here is exemplary 'analysis' of US diplomacy, offered by an elusive black Republican no less, Can 'terrorist' be turned into allies, which corroborates the chaos inside State right before CondiBush turfed Zoellick ... to World Bank.

Iran did not shelter MEK. US gov did. The argument between the snakes in congress and State was whether MEK was a reliable candidate for paid intel.

It's pretty difficult to resurrect news from '05. But given this diary I'm more confident I didn't imagine the significance of that one slip-up, based on fragments of Wikileak cables, testimony like this skirting the connection, and a Wissenschaft & Sicherheit polemic that bears on faded memories of continuity across administrations to "destabilize" the region.

15 years of non-stop lying by my gov leaves me feeling like I'm the crazy one some days.

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by Cat on Wed May 16th, 2018 at 01:49:54 AM EST

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