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My suspicion is that May is only trying to hang in their until the Commons goes into the summer recess. Then she will negotiate whatever deal she can and the DUP and Brexiteers won't be able to stop her. If Minsters resign she will replace them with her own people. I doubt a heave against her would succeed if she is prepared to hang on with a bare majority of Tory support.

If she loses a confidence vote when the Commons comes back she will call a general election in the Autumn on the terms of whatever deal she has negotiated. You could then have the weird situation where half the Tories campaign against her and most of Labour and the Lib Dems campaign for her deal.

The thing I don't get is why everyone in the UK seems to accept that a trade deal won't be negotiated until after Brexit. A Brexit deal requires a qualified majority in the Council. A Trade deal afterwards requires unanimity and may never be agreed if there is bad blood when the UK leaves.

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