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It was directed at common critiques of the EU's lack of accountability - particularly as articulated by Brexiteers, but perhaps best personified by Trump supporters in other contexts: "just because a person hasn't taken the trouble to understand the EU (or any complex matter) doesn't mean its all wrong..."

One of the reasons I strongly support the EU is that I don't see individual countries and especially smaller countries like Ireland having sufficient bargaining power to really take on the Oligarchs, media moguls and global corporations. However that requires transferring even more competencies to the EU, and also probably explains why so many Oligarchs are anti-EU even though their business models often require the existence of the Single market.

For years Michael O'Leary of Ryanair was a staunch critic of the EU even though Ryanair only became possible with the establishment of Blue Skies and regulation of state aids for National carriers etc. He had a sudden conversion to being somewhat pro-EU when he realised Brexit put his business model at risk. Of course he will still oppose EU regulation/promotion of consumer and employee rights and indirect state aids to his airline, but at least the EU has the clout to take him on on those issues.

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